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The App

For some time, we have had an Android app, but due to a number of things it is still mostly not in use by our members. So I am writing a guide to help everyone get and install the app. I do however realize that  the #1 deterrent (it not being on the Google Play Store) to people downloading and using the app will still exist until we can afford to pay the listing fee.

First thing is first, you will have to (at least temporarily) turn on “allow unknown sources”. Some users mistakenly think this means anything can be installed on your phone with out your knowledge while this is on. That is not the case, this feature allows you to install apps that are not on the -Google- App store. Android will still ask YOU before it installs ANY APP. Again, all this switching this feature will do is allow apps that are not on the Play Store, after you prompt them to be installed. This feature is safe, and if it makes you feel safer you can turn it back off after installation of the app.

The way you do this is different on each Android device, but the setting can often be found in the Settings menu, then select security. A more detailed explanation, and directions can be found here.

Next you will need to download the app itself. This is process is pretty simple. After the download is complete a lot of android phones will prompt you to start the installation of the app immediately, after the dreaded “This type of file could harm your device” warning that google delivers will all apps that aren’t from it’s own personal app store, after they have paid the fee to be listed. Again, do not worry. In all of the testing we have done, this app has had no harmful reactions on any device.

Once the app is installed, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy don’t forget to turn off the unknown sources option in your phone, and just log in and start enjoying the website in the form of a nice app.

The app isn’t perfect. Currently all updates to the app will require users to reinstall the app. We also don’t currently have any PUSH notifications from the app, this will annoy some of you and others will be pleased by that. Either way. It is what it is, and hopefully that keeps getting better.


‘Till Next Time Mobsters. Keep Mastering the Battle.