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Fornite Battle Royale A Review

Fornite Battle Royale

When I first saw PUBG popping up in twitch and YouTube feeds, I knew it was something I was interested in getting my hands on. Then after watching a solid hour of game-play, I had to play this game.  There was just something so attractive about the style, Drop in, Grab a gun, and Free for all it up. You had to carve out your own fate, and had no one to blame for it except you. It was like a metaphor of life to me.

So patiently I awaited the details for console release dates. Still watching clips from the countless hours of game-play that flooded the video sites, every time getting drawn in a little further. Then came the dreaded announcement that PUBG was going to stay a Microsoft exclusive. My hopes and dreams came crashing down around me, and I gave up on being able to play PUBG anytime in the near future.

A few days after riding this emotional roller coaster, I found out about the Free-to-Play Fortnite:Battle Royale. Epic Games was clearly taking a direct stab at Bluehole (The Makers of PUBG then, now operated by PUBG Corp.) with the addition for it’s Battle Royale PVP mode. They quickly filled the hole left in my heart, from the stab PUBG took at all us PS4 players.

Now, before I go too far I should say. I never ever got to play PUBG, ever. So I will not be comparing it going forward. It would be bad form for me to compare Fornite Battle Royale to PUBG because I have not played both. The reason that I talked so much about PUBG before now is I wanted to explain the gaping hole it left in my (and many other PS4 players) heart. Here we go.

Fornite starts by dropping you, and the other 99 players from the battle bus. You have nothing but a pick-axe, and a “glider” (a parachute for the most part). It is up to you to pick a decent and hopefully not overly populated spot to land. Then quickly find some weapons to protect yourself from the other players. Failing to do this, you will be one of the many that die early. I have found that around 40 of the 100 people die in the first minute after dropping from the Battle Bus.

Once you have armed yourself, you need to try to stay out of sight of the other players, but within the ever shrinking eye of the storm. The eye of the storm starts out rather large, encompassing a good portion of the map. When it shrinks, it is almost always off center from its previous eye, with a fair amount of time to move to the new section of battlefield for those who need it. Any player caught outside of the storm will find themselves the victim of the purple electrical shock. The damage grows in intensity has the eye continues to shrink.

There are also a duo, and squad mode, where you can land with a partner or on a four man team. Each mode provides it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Every person to shoot a gun means more damage, and more ways to flank the enemy. But it also means that you have a greater chance to expose yourself, and get ambushed. I personally am more fond of Duo or Solo modes I like being in control of my outcome in the game as much as possible.

Overall, I have to say I am very fond of Fortnite as a game, and that’s not just because they patched the bleeding wound that PUBG left me with. I wasn’t super into the game at first, but after playing with some friends once or twice I became addicted. I am not even ashamed to say I got the Battlepass so that I can use some of the aesthetic unlocks that are available not to mention the XP boost. I usually try to avoid micro transactions, but when a free game is this good, I sort of felt like I owed them something.