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Fornite Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

I’m sure at least some of you have read my Fortnite Battle Royale Review. I have been 100% hooked on it lately, so I figured I would write a follow up blog. I chopped it up with a handful of people and we came up with these ideas. So, here I am going to lay out a series of tips and tricks that will help you get to number one. They’ve all worked for me and friends that I play with, so I assume that they should work for everyone else.

Stage 1: Dropping In

The first minutes of the game are the most crucial, and surviving those minutes has a good deal to do with where, when, and how you decide to fall. Before the doors even open, you should pick an area to land based on the buses path. Most players open the full map and use the place marker to help guide there course to the selected destination. It is important to consider how you would like to start the match. Some people like finding a semi-secluded spot in a populated area, so that they can grab a gun and get to action. Others prefer to find a structure away from populated areas as to avoid interaction with out a weapon. I find that both of these can be very successful stratagem, and that you should look around you once you get closer to the ground to verify how many if any people are landing near and or with you. If someone lands with you, and neither of you have a weapon, it is important to start using your axe to wear them down, before they start on you first. Axe battles are slow and painful, try to start before the other player, and try not to miss a single swing.

Stage 2: Gear up and Roll out!

Now that you’re on the ground, and you have cleared any immediate threats, double check your surroundings for any less obvious weapons, ammo, healing items, or building materials. Going forward having more, and better stuff could be the difference between victory and defeat. Weapon quality is in a color based system, with gold being the best, followed by purple, then blue, green, and finally grey/white. In almost all cases the higher quality weapons are much better to use. If you have a low color weapon, make sure you switch for a higher color when you see them to increase your rate of fire, reload speed, and damage per shot. Grab every bit of ammo you see, you never know when you will need it. You also might want to start collecting building materials, which I will go into greater detail about in another section.

When moving I have found it best to try to make sure you’re not exposed on all sides. Make sure one or more sides are covered by some sort of obstacle, a mountain, a house, anything between you and a possible line of sight or incoming fire. This will make it easier for you to protect yourself, and limit places you need to look if you start getting attacked while you are on the move. I will also always check that all my weapons are fully reloaded while I am on the move, so that I am more prepared for a potential shoot out. Keeping a medium range weapon in hand is also recommend so that you can respond to enemies at a larger variety of distances while one the move.

Stage 3: Survival

You have collected a decent array of weaponry, and have relocated inside the circle, if necessary. Now it’s time to survive and outlast all of the other players. There are a variety of ways to go about this. I personally am a fan of staying out of sight of enemies, and killing them before they can even see you. I like to keep low when I hear other people so that I am harder to see and make less noise while walking. It is often appropriate to use bait (a higher quality item) to lure players into an area where you can more easily have the drop on them. When you find players battling each other, position yourself to take out the victor once he lowers his guard. Attacking any enemy from the front, with no cover in a brute force manner is often not advised. Try to have the chances of victory titled in your favor before you engage. If you no option but to engage in an unfavorable condition, try to shoot before your opponent giving you a better chance to win the shootout. You only need to kill people trying to kill you, before they kill you,  and the guy in second place in order to win the game.

When moving from location to location try to remember the tips for moving that I gave in stage 2. If you can complete stage 3 then you have won the game, then get out there and do it again.

Building Tips and Tricks

Now, this section isn’t exactly in “order”. Technically speaking it’s a park of all the stages. Building and Destruct are involved in every aspect of this game. At times skill in building can be the difference between winning or losing the match. Speed, coordination, timing and skill are all important factors when building.

You will want to keep gathering materials almost any time you get a reasonable chance as you travel the map. Often the fastest way to mine materials is to hit a deconstruable as many times as you can while you run past it, often not destroying it completely but still getting most of the materials from it. IF you completely destroy an object that is large enough other players will often see that object disappear and then know your location. So when you need all the materials from an object make sure after it has disappeared that you get away from that location quickly.

Building can come in handy in a variety of ways throughout the course of a Battle Royale match. One of the most common uses is creating ramps to reach high areas like buildings or mountains. Both building tops and mountain tops can only be accessed via a ramp or when you drop in at the start of the game. Most of these high up locations also have some sort of loot and/or a chest. Another common use for building is creating cover where there is none. When you start getting shot it, it’s nice to be able to put something in between you and the shooter quickly. When using your buildings for cover, you must consider that each of the three types of materials differs in quality. Wood is the most common material to find in the game, but also gets destroyed the easiest. Brick or Stone is less common, but also takes a lot more damage before it is destroyed. Metal is the least common, and the most durable of the three materials. I try to save my metal or brick for building cover, and use the wood for building ramps, since they are less likely to be shot at.

Whelp, thanks to everyone who managed to read all of this. Hopefully at least some of this helps your Battle Royale game. Maybe some of you get your first solo, or team match wins.

Think I forgot something important? Leave it below in the comments, and lets continue the discussion.



  1. A fantastic read! You should consider creating a tutorial video for beginners and experienced players alike. KEEP UP the good work!!

    • Thanks man! Once I move and stuff I’m going to get back to doing more videos and what not! Streaming and stuff! Content Content!

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