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Show Support – Socialization

The Masters of Battle Gaming Community, is at it’s heart, just that. A Community, but what exactly is a community? Well, According to Wiktionary, a community (for our purposes) can be defined as “n. A group of people interacting by electronic means for social, professional, educational or other purposes; a virtual community.”. While there are many other definitions, that could possibly fit to our group, this is the one I felt best describes us.

In order for us to function in this capacity, our members should interact with one another. This interaction is key to a healthy, thriving, and even growing community. Inter-group interaction are the foundation to the building that is a community. By repeat, regular, and positive interactions we can forge, and maintain the bonds of fellowship among the community members.

So, just like with any other community that ever has been, it will be important for us to interact with one another. We have created areas on almost every popular social media platform and we have created our own social media platform (this website). The purpose of this is to make it simple to socialize with other members with ease. No matter what platform your on there is somewhere you can find and interact with your fellow members.

What do I mean by interaction? Mostly socialization. This can come in many forms. The simplest way is to interact with posts that others have made. You could share, comment, or like posts made by members. This will provide the content with more exposure, not to mention that everyone likes getting feedback when they create something.

Alternatively, you could create content yourself. I will be making a larger post about this in the near future. You can create any kind of content that you do so desire. Videos, Blogs, Memes, anything. Then after you have created it you can post it to one of our pages for other members to interact with it.

The last way you can help the community socially is by representing us. Use our logo or tags on social media. Show off that your part of a community, and encourage others to join us too. Try to use our tags when a game makes the option available to you. Look for groups made by us, and just join in.

This article is going to be part of a small series of articles that I will be posting to help better explain to members how you can support the community, should you so desire. No one is obligated to help the community, but if some of us pitch in a little bit it make the community a better place for everyone that is involved. Thanks for taking the time to read this, for everyone that has.

Until next time, Keep on Mobbin’.