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Content Creation

Content Creation

Another way that you can help support the community is to create content. Content comes in many shapes and forms, but all of them will help foster our sense of community within the group. Content can be, Videos, Streams, Blogs, Memes, post, and many other things that don’t clearly fit into a group. Not only will content creation help boost our overall activity levels, it will give members who don’t create something to engage with.

One of the most common methods of content creation that gamers tend to be willing to engage in, and consume is video content. Streaming also falls into this category. Videos have been very helpful to gamers since the advent of Youtube, and similar services. We have turned to videos for How-to’s, and walk-through instructions alike. Recently, video game streaming has taken off, with more and more people watching simply for entertainment. So, today we have two major gaming video categories Entertainment, and Instructional. Entertainment videos tend to require less editing time, and less technical gaming skill. These videos tend to be more fun, and have less of a focus on a specific game, or part of a game. Instructional videos often take a lot more editing time, and depending on the situation,require more gaming skill.

One of my personal common means of content creation methods, Blogs/articles (I’ll just call them blogs from now on for simplicity’s sake). Blogs like videos take on many different shapes, sizes, and categories. Also like videos blogs tend to take up one of two major categories. First of these categories is Informative blogs. Informative blogs tend to be more factual therefore, less opinionated while conveying some sort of factual information. Then there are also Opinion blogs, these are the more common type. Opinion blogs can also contain factual information, but will also contain thoughts and opinions from the writers perspective about those facts and opinions. It’s hard to write without giving up your opinion when your talking about video games, and their culture. That is why most of the gaming blogs written will be mostly opinion pieces.

The third, and final type of content creation I will cover in this article is going to be graphical design. Personally, this is my weakest field hence why you don’t see a bunch of custom graphics all over the site. Graphical Design can be the simple creation of Memes, Info-graphics, and Fliers, or it can be the much more complex area of creating Banners and logos. Pictures are huge now a days for marketing on social media. A lot of people don’t want to turn up the volume for a video, or spend the time to read a blog. So the common laziness among us, forces people to lean towards the consumption of pictures as one of their main content of choice. Seeing how this is my weakest area, I am always very appreciative of anyone who preforms graphical design on behalf of the community.

I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to create content, but I wanted to cover what we mean when we say you can help by making content. Most of our members (included myself) tend to share content that is created by other members when it is made known to the group. A good portion of members make content, but don’t directly share it with the group so it doesn’t get passed around and shared to a larger audience. If you make any content, and want us to help promote it for you, then just post it here on the site. I personally will try to share as much content as I can that is posted here on the site. This can be as simple as a link to your stream, or actually writing a blog for our blogs section, or just posting a simple meme. I will try to re-share as much content as possible.

If we all pitch in just a little, it will make this a much more interesting place to be. Until next time. Keep on Mobbin’.