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Jurrasic World Evolution Review/Guide

Now let me just start out by saying I LOVE THIS GAME. I have never really been a fan of the whole, if you build ot they will come kind of games but after 3 hours of playing and a couple island resets i found my groove and started making big money, but ill get into that later.

The game features a wide selection of prehistoric creatires. From the edmontonsaurus all the way to the Better known T-Rex and brontasaurous. But what really sells it is what happens when they escape.. and yes. They can escape. Weither its stress, from lack of food, The wrong habatat, Low or to high population numbers, Stress from storms, or god forbid a tornado they will bust through those fences and wreak havok upon your guests. Now i know what your thinking.. SWEET i can watch a group of Raptors chow down on some innocent family!  Yeah you can but condicering the $100,000 lawsuit you face each death you want to avoid that.

The game does feature tons of various missions and establisments to either shelter your people incase indominous rex gets a little to friendly or to provide food, drinks, and fun to your guests



Now onto the guide the first thing you want to do right off the batt is make sure there are no pre existing dinos. ON EVERY ISLAND get rid of em.  Now you want to make an enclosire nothing to big because ultimitly you need money. Start with the Struthiomimus there small and easy to keep happy. Make sure non of its stats are in the red and make like. 5 or so. Now you wait. Slowly place down guest stores like  fastfood and giftshops then wsit till your at about 400 thousand. Then build a Rainger Station. Wait till you can afford an ACU Center next. After that. Do another habitat build it stronger and place in a Dilophosaurus you want 3 to 5 slowly collect money and place more guest attractions and a couple viewing galleries when you need to make a power station.. when your comfortable make a expedition center and a fossel center continue on with guest shops and bigger and better dinos as you go. Always watch there needs after first entering a habitat and be sure to do your contracts… good luck, if your on psn and need help. My psn name is sand264.