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Week 3 Fortnite Winner: Shmelly_Mopzz

So this week, I did the scoring a little different to avoid any issues.  I took all matches from the last 7 days per , and added the kills together manually. I did this, because when I looked, it wasn’t adding the total up right for the last 7 days. I added twice. You can double check my math if you check soon.

I’ve also decided to post everyone’s totals. So, in order of kills we have scored the following accounts:

  1. Shmelly_Mopzz(PSN)- 347 Kills
  2. TTVItsLatex(PC)- 104 Kills
  3. p_cracc(PSN)- 64 Kills
  4. TheyCallMeHalf- 6 Kills

These kills are all from games within the last 7 days, at the time of post. Congrats to the week 3 winner, Shmelly_Moppz, officially dethroning the two week in a row champ, TTVItsLatex.

Invite some more friends so we can increase the competition!


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