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Week 4 Fortnite Results

We had a few more new competitors this week, making it one of our more competitive weeks yet. The new guys brought some smoke. Here are the results.

  1. BudLightYear96ju with 663 Kills
  2. Shmelly_mopzz with 408 Kills
  3. TheGreatRyn with 373 Kills
  4. TTVOhAbolish with 112 Kills
  5. P_cracc with 35 Kills
  6. TheyCallMeHalf with 29 Kills

Thanks to all the new comers for turning up the competition. Remember, if you want to invite your friends send them to this page. Which has all the directions laid out to the right pages so no one gets lost or misses a step.

See you guys next week! May the Most Murderous Win.

Don’t forget to check the group periodically for discussions and other updates that might be coming your way!