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Fortnite Competition Week 5 Results

Another Elimination filled week! Good work out there guys. I’ve noticed here and there people have issues with how they are scored, so I’m going to keep working on making this process more transparent. So I figured I’d give you a guys a little bit of a description of how I do the scoring.

Sometimes takes a little bit of time to total your kills for the week (their site says 24 hours sometimes). However, it does show all the games that have been played up until a few seconds ago, and their Eliminations. It just takes their system a little bit of time to add it to the total.

So I manually look back on each account and write down the numbers for each batch of games you have played in the last seven days. I first scroll back on your account to seven days ago, and find the first batch played on that day, then I write the numbers down for each batch. A Batch is each time you sit down to play, until you log off again, or stop playing for an extended period of time.

I write all these numbers down on a sheet of paper, then add them together in a calculator. Before I hit enter to get your final number, I double check twice (so a triple check) that I have gotten all the numbers for you available at the time.

If there is ANY issues with the numbers that are being kept, that issue needs to be taken up with I literally just add the numbers they give me and double check it twice.

All that being said this weeks results are as follows:

  1. Shmelly_Mopzz: 395 Eliminations
  2. BudLightYear96ju: 197 Eliminations
  3. TTVOhAbolish: 148 Eliminations
  4. P_Cracc: 122 Eliminations
  5. TheGreatRyn: 114 Eliminations
  6. TheyCallMeHalf: 38 Eliminations

Another good, competitive week. Get out there and invite some people so we can get some more competition going on!

Might change what we are scoring in a week or two. Keep you eyes peeled. Also post possible score suggestions in the group!


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