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Fortnite Weekly Competition: S6W2

There where some issues with my Epic Account, I think someone tried to hack it. So I didn’t score myself, because I have no idea what happened to my account. I can’t speak for anyone elses account, but the other scores seemed weird to me too, but here they are!

  1. P_cracc- 200 Eliminations
  2. Budlightyear96ju- 194 Eliminations
  3. TheGreatRyn- 93 Eliminations
  4. Shmelly_Mopzz- 84 Eliminations
  5. TTVOhAbolish- 74 Eliminations

Hopefully, all my issues get sorted out and I’ll be back on the board next week. I enjoyed a good shake up though!

Catch You next week, may the most murderous win!