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Fortnite Score: S7W1

Welcome to Season 7! Hope everyone is enjoying the snow.

Sorry for the delay this week, I’m going to try moving it to Friday night from now on, I’ll be able to swing that because I’m almost always home on a Friday Night like a Loser. 

With that being said, I’m going to start this week, which means there might be some of the kills on this post, might still be active for the friday post, which I will still call Week 1. Confusing. I know. It’ll all even out by week 2.

  1. Summit83013 with 294 Eliminations
  2. TheGreatRyn with 222 Eliminations
  3. Budlightyear96ju with 156 Eliminations
  4. p_cracc with122 Eliminations
  5. TTVOhAbolish with 106 Eliminations
  6. Shmelly_mopzz with 3 Eliminations
  7. TheyCallMeHalf with 0 Eliminations