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Fortnite Scores: S7W4

And here we have it, almost 100% on time this time, next week it will be for sure, I’ll get a notification and an email about it. Anyway, here we have it, this weeks score. If you don’t see your name on this list, YOU ARE NOT BEING SCORED. If you are not being scored, and you want to be you should follow this link, and it will help you get signed up.

Records where broke this week, and new bars have been set, who is going to jump to get it?

  1. lil_hooping_kidd with 703 Eliminations
  2. GottemLMAO (summit83013) with 308 Eliminations
  3. OhAbolish ツ with 203 Eliminations
  4. p_cracc with 197 Eliminations
  5. TheGreatRyn with 196 Eliminations
  6. Budlightyear96ju with 193 Eliminations
  7. Shmelly_Mopzz with 28 Eliminations
  8. TheyCallMeHalf with 1 Elimination
  9. TonyTron with 0 Eliminations

Once we get over 10 (so 11) people registered, we will start to add the chance for random prizes. Ask P_cracc for more details.

Catch you next Friday!