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Fortnite Scores: S7W6

Ladies and germs step right up another scoring session here at the Masters of Battle Gaming Fortnite Weekly Kills Competition. The Bottom of the list still looks the same, but the top keeps getting shaken up!

  1. Shmelly_mopzz with 351 Eliminations
  2. OhAbolish ツ with 321 Eliminations
  3. GottemLMAO with 272 Eliminations
  4. Budlightyear96ju (tied) with 163 Eliminations
  5. TheGreatRyn (tied) with 163 Eliminations
  6. lil_hooping_kidd with 162 Eliminations
  7. TonyTron with 0 Eliminations
  8. TheyCallMeHalf with 0 Eliminations

Invite some friends so we can start giving out some prizes just send them the sign up link.

Catch you Next Week!