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Fortnite Score S7W8

Welcome back to another fun week of the MoBG’s weekly Fortnite kills Competition. For the New people, we score once a week (usually Friday Night into Saturday Morning EST). You can join by follow these Instructions. Just PM TheyCallMeHalf with any questions you might have about the joining process (I’m TheyCallMeHalf on here, Twitter, FB, Twitch, PSN, Discord, and Mastodon).

The Top looks the same this week!

  1. lil_hooping_kidd with 404 Eliminations
  2. Shmelly_mopzz with 365 Eliminations
  3. OhAbolish ツ with 239 Eliminations
  4. GottemLMAO with 152 Eliminations
  5. TheGreatRyn with 13 Eliminations
  6. budlightyear96ju with 2 Eliminations
  7. Tonytron with 0 Eliminations
  8. TheyCallMeHalf with 0 Eliminations

Don’t forget to invite some friends, and I will catch you next week! Drop a Comment if you have any questions or concerns!