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Mutation Farming: Fallout 76

Fallout 76 introduces a new, and fun element to the game that wasn’t there in previous Fallouts, Mutations. Mutations can be gained by being in too much radiation, for too long. Mutations, just like radiation can be removed using RadAway or a chem shower. That is, unless you have the starched genes perk equipped.

The starched genes perk (once fully ranked and equipped) will prevent any mutations from occurring due to radiation. It will also prevent any Mutations from being washed away with RadAway or a Chem Shower.

The other perk card that you will need to get the most out of mutations is the Class Freak Perk. This perk (once fully ranked and equipped) will remove 75% of the negative effects associated with any particular mutation.

Another perk that comes in handy during this whole process is Ghoulish, which heals you when you take radiation damage, which as you will see will make this process a lot easier.

Once you have everything together your going to want to head on down to the Emmet Mountain Disposal Site.

Once there clear any enemies that load and head to the back of the site, Look for the Metal Arch Building, with the Garage Door. Inside that building there is another door that leads inside.

Enter that door, and clear that small area. There will be Radioactive waste barrels in the center of this room. The chem shower is attached to the locker room on the left side when you enter.

Double check that Starched genes is not equipped and then go stand near the Waste Barrels. Feel free to move around the barrels, but just make sure you stay in the radiation area. The higher the number the better chance to obtain a mutation.

You should be able to get a Mutation by the time your Life Bar is close to taken over by Rads. If you don’t get a mutation before your bar is close to full, then head over to the Chem Shower, press the button and rinse and repeat until all of your radiation is gone. You might want to heal up, unless you have Ghoulish equipped.

If however you do get a mutation, then there are two separate paths to take from there. If you want this mutation, go ahead and re-equip the Starched Genes Perk Card, and go rinse away the Rads. If you don’t want it, leave Starched Genes off and rinse away the Rads, and by extension the Mutation.

The Chem Shower in Emmet Mountain Disposal Site

You can only obtain 1 Mutation per log-in. No Matter how hard you try. So, if you got a mutation, you will need to log out and then back in, and re-enter the area with the shower and barrels. It also gets a little more difficult to obtain a mutation for each mutation you already have.

When rinsing rads with multiple Mutations, please note it’s random which mutation is rinsed, so you run the risk of rinsing off the ones you want to keep, and those you want to get rid of.

And that’s it! Repeat until you get the combo that your looking for! Try not to grow any extra limbs or anything. See you out there in Appalachia!

Coming soon a post with a list of the Mutations!

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